Unified remote monitoring, troubleshooting and management platform for consistent and stable enterprise IT performance

Takes Control of Enterprise IT

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Every organization needs robust remote monitoring, control and troubleshooting capabilities after deploying new IT systems, devices and no two organizations have the same requirements.


MATRIX24x7 is designed and owened by Zone24x7 to facilitate the development of bespoke solutions on top of MATRIX24x7 core capabilities. 


While the core product itself meets most of the generic remote monitoring, control and troubleshooting needs, host of options awaits developers to extend the core product to meet business specific demands.



  • Customize and extend built-in capabilities to suite business specific needs
  • Hassle free integration with existing systems, devices and infrastructure
  • Centralized remote monitoring and configuration
  • Touchless troubleshooting for efficient systems maintenance
  • Choice of flexible deployment options from on-premise to cloud


Monitor and Manage Retail Store IT

In Action

  • A single system manages a fleet of 65,000 handheld devices 
  • Subsequently, the same product was seamlessly extended to meet the demands of the new tech assets
  • Freedom for technology leadership to continuously innovate and re-imagine customer experience with little impact to existing operations and digital infrastructure

Robot Fleet Management

  • Built a custom Robot Fleet Management solution to monitor, control and troubleshoot autonomous mobile robots
  • Reduced the implementation of the Fleet Management system effort by more than 50%

Remote Management of Tech PoCs

  • Ensures maximum uptime of PoC systems such as Kiosks, Esigns, Smart Devices and IoT Sensors for end-user testing in a limited field test window
  • Remote troubleshooting reduces system downtime and related business impact
  • Enhances end-user confidence regarding the PoC system
  • Collects data with regard to end-user actions or system behaviors valuable for Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Provides remote configuration capabilities to easily and securely re-configure the system
  • Extends  basic capabilities of MATRIX24x7 to cater to more extensive and unique needs of the PoC

Centralized Monitoring


Centralized Troubleshooting

Enhances remote troubleshooting capabilities


Rule-based Diagnosis

Extensive Customization

Management Information Reporting

Front-end extensions to create tailored troubleshooting and management UIs to suit specific needs


Custom reports catering to various management information requirements


Simple, intuitive dashboards produce live status updates about IT systems and infrastructure


Setup custom rules to monitor device health status and integrate with help desk management systems and other channels



For CTO's


Improves Business Processes

Creates clarity across enterprise IT functions to enhance individual and team responsiveness in case of system failures.


Consistent & Stable IT

Proactive monitoring and intervention helps to reduce system outages especially during peak business hours.


Enhances Operational Efficiency

Reduce the learning curve and improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of systems troubleshooting. 



For System Integrators

Perform precise troubleshooting

Carry out remote control and configuration operations in unique and specific ways to each device and use case.



Reduces Cost

Delegate tasks across geographies for operational efficiency and cost optimization. 


Better Customer Experience

Deliver consistent customer experience across existing physical and digital touch points. 


Facilitate consumption based monetization

Collects data on system usage, uptime, downtime etc to create creative monetization strategies.


Meet Service Level Agreements with confidence

Perform quick root cause analysis to identify SLA violation and resolve any disputes.



Bespoke Solution Implementation

Use MATRIX24X7 Software Development Kits (SDK) to integrate your systems on your own or request expert assistance  from our professional services to implement your bespoke solution.


Flexible Deployment

Depending on specific business requirements, we are flexible to offer on-premise as well as cloud-based deployments.


Excellent Support and Maintenance

We handle it all!

From the initial prototype to production roll-outs and post implementation maintenance and support of the final solution, we provide a complete end to end service.


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