Design and integrate custom RFID solutions with core business operations, for the efficient management of merchandise & business assets

Early Adopter of RFID Technology


Broad Expertise

Experience in designing Handheld to Fixed Reader and Autonomous Robotic Solutions

Collaboration with Technology Leaders

Extensively worked with leading RFID vendors and technology providers such as Impinj, Motorola

(Currently Zebra Technologies), ThingMagic, Tyco Retail Solutions, Omni-ID and Laird


Designed and implemented custom RFID solutions since 2011 for leading Fortune 500 organizations and other businesses in retail, warehouse & logistics domains




Fast price verification of multiple items

  • Intelligent customer facing retail store device with RFID tag reading capabilities
  • Scans multiple RFID tagged merchandize in a single scan to speedup price verification


Robot which achieves high inventory accuracy

  • Autonomous robot for fully automated RFID inventory capture in retail sales floors
  • Scans upto 1500 tags per sec. at an accuracy of 98%
  • Scans RFID tags located upto 14 feet
  • Estimates the position of an RFID tag with an accuracy of upto 4- 5 feet


RFID Fixed Antenna Based Custom Warehouse Solution

  • Client maintains inventory in warehouses as well as inside vehicles (mobile inventory) across multiple locations to reduce delivery time & improve last mile delivery experience


  • Provides passive RFID tags localization solution within the warehouse



  • Helps the client determine optimum Fixed Antenna configuration and quantity required to achieve high item-level visibility and inventory accuracy





RFID Services

Remove Barriers to RFID Adoption

  • High performance ergonomic sled attachment that added the EPC Gen 2 RFID tag reading capability to MC3190 barcode readers
  • Used the industry standard Impinj reader chipset
  • External battery to increase inventory scan durations

Zone24x7 works with clients to maximize their current technology investments in adopting RFID

Technology Collaborations



  • Over 8 years working relationship as an early adopter of Impinj technologies
  • Integrated chip/module level integrations to device level integrations from Impinj


  • SDK for the RFID sled attachment was integrated to Tyco Vue software
  • Experienced in providing application/firmware level integrations


  • Provided tested RFID SLED circuit assemblies/mechanical files to Motorola (currently Zebra Technologies) for pilot level device manufacturing



  • Used modular solutions from ThingMagic when time to market was a key requirement
  • Experience in integrating ThingMagic high power and low power reader solutions (both hardware and software)


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