Re imagining Retail

Next Gen AI Powered

Retail Experience with

Sleek, Powerful

& Convenient
in-store Digital Shopping Assistant



Identify customers, understand behaviors,

unlock powerful insights, make

personalized recommendations


Get the support of a store associate/stylist over video chat


- Scan products, search different sizes/colors and offer complimentary accessories.

- Direct customers to other locations, or to order online, if unavailable


- Scan merchandise

- Identify customers

- Offer personalized prices

- Deliver virtual store assistance

- Make product recommendations

- View product ratings & reviews


to offer an intuitive, relevant & personalized experience




Next Gen AI Powered

Retail Experience

Custom Design & Light Pipes

Custom built 13.3” display overcomes most retail in-store mounting limitations while maintaining a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Light pipe spans across the device and creates an advanced expression

Chipset with Neural Engine Support


Connected Store

Class leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 820E chipset supports Neural Engines; a powerful embedded processor with up to 10 years of support enables distributed MACHINE LEARNING operations for next gen AI powered applications

Designed to ensure friction less shopping experiences for constantly connected Omni-channel consumers with;

- Flexibility to introduce custom interfaces/ sensors

- Support for RFID, proximity sensors & noise cancelling mics ​



Next Gen AI Powered

Retail Experience



- Scan merchandise using barcodes, RFID or     enter UPC

- View regular and personalized prices

- Check product colors, sizes and inventory


Big Data Recommendations

- Personalized product recommendations
- View product reviews/ratings for scanned products




In Store Item Locationing

Instantly become familiar with the sales floor map of the store and locate products scanned at the price checker




Customize content based on the age of the customer

Next Gen AI Powered

Retail Experience



Next Gen AI Powered

Retail Experience

Detailed Specification


Next Gen AI Powered

Retail Experience

Payment Integration

Integrate with traditional payment devices such as VeriFone/Ingenico and next gen payment methods such as  Apple/Google/wepay



Remote Monitoring and Management

MATRIX24x7 based advanced remote monitoring, management & troubleshooting; Over The Air (OTA) updates, and device behavioral analytics

Next Gen AI Powered

Retail Experience

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